Asake Wows Crowd with New Single on ‘The Tonight Show’ starring Jimmy Fallon


Nigerian superstar Asake made a splash on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, 14th March 2023. Asake was introduced by the host Jimmy Fallon and immediately dazzled the audience with his song selection.

Asake, the breakout pop star from Nigeria who owned 2022

The performance featured Asake’s new single ‘Yoga’, which is his first release of the year. Moving swiftly on to ‘Organise’ off his debut album ‘Mr. Money With The Vibe’, Asake had the audience swaying and grooving along to the tempo. He was assisted behind the scenes by The Composers who provided live instrumentation making the performance even more energetic.

With this appearance, Asake joins the ranks of Burna Boy and Wizkid who both performed on the show in 2022. Debuting as one of the leading acts of 2022, Asake quickly took the industry by storm with his release of ‘Omo Ope’ featuring Olamide in January. This single marked the start of Asake’s rise to stardom and was followed by back to back hit releases. His debut album was a testament to his hard work as it went on to become a record-breaking success for the singer.

Asake’s performance on The Tonight Show is sure to translate to even more exposure and recognition for the singer, as his captivating singing and songwriting talents were showcased to a wide audience. With his eye-catching stage presence and impressive vocal talent, Asake is a solid act to watch out for.

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