“Money For Alcohol Don Dey Buy House oh!” – Yhemo Lee’s N40m Lavish Spending Leaves Fans Surprised


Recently, popular nightlife promoter and actor Yhemo Lee has sparked reactions on social media with the receipt of his latest club outing.

Musician, Yhemo Lee gifts his mum new house for her birthday - Skabash!

The artiste posted several pictures of his expensive attire and accessories to the outing, followed by several empty bottles that the group spent an estimated N40m on. The flamboyant promoter even showed off his flashy car and shared a video of him grooving in the club.

Needless to say, this extravagant spending generated immense backlash from netizens, with many people wondering why Yhemo Lee and his crew would spend such a large amount of money on alcohol.

Despite being one of the country’s top nightlife promoters, Yhemo Lee’s high-spirited lifestyle easily attracted criticism from Nigerians.

Many people felt that his spending would have been more meaningful if it was towards charitable causes or educating the youth.

See the post below: 


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A post shared by Yhemolee (@yhemo_lee)

See reactions to Yhemo Lee’s post:


“I don’t even care about the 5m bottles. Coca-Cola for 1500?! Club na scam.”


“Boy!!! Now that hard but you make it look easy.”


“Wetin una dey do for night.. Wetin.”


“Money For Alcohol Don Dey Buy House oo”

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