OSCARS 2023: Tems Speaks on Working with Rihanna (Watch!!)


Tems, the Nigerian international sensation, was recently been nominated for the Best Original Song category at the 2023 Oscars awards. In an interview following the announcement, she was open about her feelings, expressing happiness and optimism as to what this meant for her achievements so far.

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She recognized that this nomination provided an opportunity for her to reflect upon her journey, which she took immense pride in.

Tems went on to express her admiration for her fellow nominee, Rihanna, who she credited as one of the world’s biggest music icons. This marked the second time the two have worked together and Tems was sure to show her appreciation for the talented and influential superstar. Indeed, Tems eagerly said that she would be thrilled to work with Rihanna again in the future.

The nomination at the 2023 Oscars awards marked a significant milestone in Tems’ career, and her openness to the press and her appreciation for her fellow nominees is commendable. Tems’ professional accomplishments certainly deserve recognition and her enthusiasm and optimism as seen from the interview will surely be something to watch out for in the months to come.

The singer said:

I feel amazing, incredible, It feels like I am so blessed. I am so grateful. It is such a way to start. I am really happy, and it is making me reflect on my journey and I know I have a long way to go.” 

Tems hail Rihanna Speaking about working with superstar singer, Tems said she would love to do it again.

It is such an incredible honour, Rihanna is one of the biggest icons in the world, so working with her is incredible, it is a dream and I would love to do it again,” she said.

Watch the video below:


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