Frank Lampard reveals he tried to sign Haaland for Chelsea


Chelsea interim boss, Frank Lampard has claimed he tried to sign Manchester City’s Erling Haaland during his first stint.

Lampard was the Blues’ permanent manager between July 2019 to January 2021.

According to him, he tried to bring Haaland to Stamford Bridge, but the deal didn’t happen.

Lampard will come face-to-face with Haaland this weekend when he takes Chelsea to the Etihad in the Premier League.

“I’ve got huge respect for him. He is a player I tried to bring to Chelsea when I was here.

“I was very keen to get him but obviously that couldn’t happen. His level was clear when we played against him at Salzburg.

“Credit to him I love seeing players of that level.

“In terms of having to deal with him you have to have a plan and an idea but players of that level can make anything happen at any moment,” Lampard told reporters on Friday.

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